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Kass Lab (past and present) was well-represented at conferences in 2022!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

ISHR World Congress in Berlin, Germany (Current: Brian Lin; Past: Christian Oeing, Mark Ranek) New Directions in Fort Lauderdale, FL (Brian Lin)

Myofilament Meeting in Madison, WI (Vivek Jani)

AHA BCVS in Chicago, IL (Current: Brian Lin and Navid Koleini; Past: Kristen Kokkonen-Simon, Grace Muller, Jonathan Kirk) Keystone in Breckenridge, CO (Edwin Yoo, Abby Mulligan, Edwin Yoo, Brian Lin) AHA Scientific Sessions in Chicago, IL (Current: Vivek Jani, David Kass; Past: Steve Hsu)

Brian Lin gave invited talks at ISHR and New Directions, and won Best Poster at BCVS! Edwin Yoo gave an invited talk at Keystone Symposia! Vivek Jani won the prestigious Marcus Award at AHA Scientific Sessions! Mark Ranek drank excellent German beer at ISHR!

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