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David is quoted in NYT on how coronavirus attacks fat tissue

Recent research confirms David's work linking obesity and COVID-19 severity (https://www.kasslab.johnshopkins.edu/post/david-kass-work-linking-obesity-to-covid-19-has-been-featured-in-multiple-news-outlets)

New research suggests the coronavirus can directly infect fat cells and cause low-grade inflammation, featured in the New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/08/health/covid-fat-obesity.html

David was quoted in the recent article:

A man whose ideal weight is 170 pounds but who weighs 250 pounds is carrying a substantial amount of fat in which the virus may “hang out,” replicate and trigger a destructive immune system response, said Dr. David Kass, a professor of cardiology at Johns Hopkins.

“If you really are very obese, fat is the biggest single organ in your body,” Dr. Kass said.

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